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Shining Stars Connect is a consulting company. Our goal is to coach aspiring shining stars to define and achieve success in life. Our company provides leadership and time management training via professional success coaches who are there to help to shine fully in career and life!


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About Us:

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You now have entered the horizon to a variety of services and resources for your personal and professional development needs so you can shine fully in life. Whether you're looking for advice to reach a particular short term goal or you need a system to help you design and achieve your long term goals, we got you covered. Our coaches are ready to support you wholehearted and give you the resources you need for achieving more success, peace and blissfulness.


Time Management Resources:

In addition to our coaching and training we offer amazing time management resources. Our comprehensive planner is a product of many years of research from the most known success theories in time management and productivity.
Our planner is a success system that helps you design SMART goals and achieve your goals while living one day at a time. It also ensures you are doing what matters the most -each minute of your day and shining throughout.


Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximize their own performance . It's helping them to learn reather than teaching them.

by, Tim Gallwey