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Her given name, Nafije (Naa-fee-ya), means the Creator of Good and this is her
purpose in life, each and every day. Founder of Shining Stars Connect, Nafije
leads a successful life/business-coaching practice working with clients locally and
internationally. She empowers her clients to design and achieve success in life, using
her skills as a certified Life Coach, helping them to master personal leadership time
management skills.


Nafije designed an Online Training along with a hard copy comprehensive life planner.

This 4S success system is a vital tool her client’s utilize to increase productivity and balance,

both at home and at work. Devoting attention and developing others to stay focused
and motivated toward creating and executing a plan for a successful life has
always been a passion for Nafije. When in her 20s, Nafije’s personal plan for her
successful life was altered when she had to leave everything behind, including
most of her family, due to war in her homeland, Kosovo. In 1999, she came to
the US as a refugee and launched a new plan beginning with learning English
and learning about American culture. Working to make a living while attending
college were a few of the challenges the new life presented.


Nafije now has a Masters's degree in Science with a focus on Learning Designing & Teaching.

After many years working in corporate America, Nafije created a new plan for herself and
opened her own consulting business. Besides supporting her coaching clients, she is
pursuing goals as a mom, wife, and is working part-time for the University of Central Florida.



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