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          {Free Time Management for Success Webinar}

It’s time to learn How to  Manage your Time

 & Shine Fully in Life!

 Join Nafije as she walks you through her 4S process  responsible for her life and business success….


YES! I Want To Learn to manage my time With Nafije

Join The FREE Webinar NOW


Event day: November 30th @ 6pm est.


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In This Webinar, You Will Discover the Secrets of the 4S (Shining Stars Success System)

  • How I've used 4S method  to restart my life as a war survivor and grow my businesses…

  • How my clients benefit from 4S...

  • How You can use the time management tools to help you take charge of your life 

  • Share, success strategies to help you feel confident about where to start, and move from where you are to where you want to be...                                                                      


Yes, I will cover EVERYTHING you need to get your goals accomplished and create a balance in all areas of your life.

And the best part? You Don’t Pay One Cent


Yes, this training is 100% free and you will get to do hands on exercises on the WORKSHEET provided

Now you might be wondering, ``What's the catch ? Why is Nafije doing this training for free?” 

And this is a good question?


The truth is there are two reasons the first is this is my Passion!


As  mentioned above,  I like to help people take charge of their life and create success.


So, any time I  teach people to manage their time and shine more in their life I feel rewarded.. 

Second reason is that at the end of the webinar,  I'm going to be offering a small group of individuals the opportunity to work with me longer….

YES! I Want To Learn to manage my time With Nafije

Join The FREE Webinar NOW



If You Want More Guidance On Doing More with Your Life  …..This could be an opportunity that you’ve been searching for.... maybe even praying for:)


Register Before The Doors Close….

I’m looking forward to having you in my circle

This is what my clients say about our Time Management system!



YES! I Want To Learn to Manage my time With Nafije

Join The FREE Webinar NOW

About Nafije

Hi:) I'm Nafije, It's great to meet you!

I'm the founder of Shining Stars Connect. I'm a personal leadership consultant and certified success

life coach.  In addition to being an entrepreneur, I'm a graduate student of Cognitive Sciences, 

a wife, and a mother of two. 


I'm best described as a success Advocate, my specialty is Mindfulness based Self-management,

which includes Time and Stress management. I’m also the creator of the 4S(Shining Stars Success

System) -a scientifically supported method-which I use to build my life, my career and business.

4S is a Time Management - coaching based method.*As a mindfulness based Time management

coach -I use neuro scientifically proven ways to help my clients define and achieve success, help

them overcome limiting beliefs and other challenges 4S -helps with time management and it

empowers people to connect with their God given strengths from inside-so they better manage

time and stress….


I have been teaching 4S in workshops and through individual and group coaching. 4S now is being

offered as an On-line training to help learners of diverse learning styles!

Looking forward to helping you manage your time and shine fully in life!










YES! I Want To Learn to Manage my time With Nafije

Join The FREE Webinar NOW

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